Common Nail Problems

  • soft, weak nails that peel and split
  • dry, hard but brittle nails
  • damage from using artificial nails
  • difficulty maintaining a manicure

Which Trind products are right for you?

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Trind Nail Solutions

Caring Colors

Trind Caring Colors is a unique nail polish with strengthening ingredients to maintain the health and vitality of your nails.

Available in various colors.
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Trind Keratin Treatment for Nails Kit

Trind Keratin Treatment for Nails Kit

Finally there is a solution for damaged and overly sensitive nails after wearing artificial nails or nails that suffer from other damage.

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Trind Caring Color

Trind Moist & Shiny Kit

Strengthen weak or thin nails – rehydrate and restore their natural moisture with our top selling Moist & Shiny Kit. Each kit contains Trind Nail-Magic, Trind Moisturizing Nail Balsam and our award-winning Trind Nail Repair.

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